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DataBased Raises $3 Million Seed Round; Company Valued at $40 Million

DataBased raised a $3m seed round at the end of November 2021, and is currently valued at $40m.

The Watkins brothers had no plans of raising capital as they wanted to bootstrap the company and only grow naturally. Dustin and Dan did this for the first four years of the company and loved it.

Then Sumeet Gajri, Managing Partner at Original Capital, a VC firm in San Francisco, called them up and asked, "How much are you going to grow DataBased next year?". The co-founders told him they were going to be profitable, "more than double, and we were really excited." He challenged them to do an exercise on how they would spend the money if they had another $2m in the bank. They did just that and saw an opportunity to go deep into the product and get several major steps closer to how they wanted to help their customers.

Dan and Dustin opened up the doors, and in two weeks, they had $3m committed against their goal of raising $2m. DataBased is honored to have these investors trusting us with their money.

DataBased aids in creating standardization and alignment on sales performance that the entire organization can think about and address in the same way. This understanding transfers across sales teams in knowing where and how to take action day-to-day.

“As teams grow, DataBased enables your leaders to visualize success in a really simplified way so they can go and take action without having to look through all the data or do their own analysis,” says Richard, Head of GTM.

We are delighted to keep pursuing our expedition of providing sales leaders with technology that enables teams to spend their time on activities and skills that keep them on track to deliver against their revenue target.

Read more about the seed round here.

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