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Specializing in finding top-tier sales leaders and reps. Fast.

By using validated data, we save our clients from the costs of long recruiting processes, bad hires, and high attrition rates.

Our Founder Dan Watkins was the Global VP of Sales at Qualtrics for 13 years. He has been the subject of Stanford and Harvard business case studies on how to develop and scale sales teams and has since helped companies all over the globe reach their revenue goals. We obtain validated data and Dan personally vets your candidates ensuring you only meet with the best.

A CEO, CRO, and Founder as your personal recruiter
Spend less time interviewing and more time hitting quota

Using internal resources or a typical 3rd party recruiting agency looks like:

  • 3 of your managers interviewing 8 candidates each = 24 interviews.

  • 1hr/interview+30min of admin work/ interview = 36 hrs of manager's time.

  • All for one new hire.

Our clients hire over 70% of the sales talent we recommend.


  • With our sales-specific background and alignment with you, our team knows what you're looking for and who's a good fit.

  • In the same 36 hours of time interviewing you could hire 8 new hires instead of one.

Get your new sales hires up to 4 months sooner

We use validated data around proven sales measures to evaluate candidates so we can quickly and accurately filter them before sending you the cream of the crop.


  • We only recommend the top 0.21% of those we source and vet so you only interview with the best.

  • Our DataBased rubric allows us to vet candidates accurately and quickly.

  • You'll be interviewing that top vetted talent in as little as 3 weeks.

Increase your sales productivity by at least 10% by hiring with DataBased

If a rep carries a $1M annual quota and hits 70% attainment. Hiring a rep with DataBased that’s 10% better gets you an additional $70K a year per rep. Multiply that by 5 if it's a manager.


  • Performance = 10% above your normal quarterly quota attainment.

  • When you include speed of ramping, and the additional quarters our candidates stay due to their loyalty score, you'll see a 49.6% increase.

Loyalty that lasts

We prioritize talent that has a history of sticking out the grind.​


  • You get a lower attrition rate.

  • You save on training costs.

  • An average of 2 additional quarters of revenue.

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