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Helping the best stand out.

By using validated data and an objective rubric, we help sales people prove their merit and find roles and compensation to match.

Spend less time interviewing and more time hitting quota

Instead of the typical 863 hoops, 11 interviews, 2 unpaid take-home assignments, and the live panel presentation to decide if you would be a good fit, DataBased uses three steps:

  1. ~10 min. Pre-screen Assessment

  2. One 30 min. video meeting with an actual human, to help you gather validated data around your initial Assessment responses.

  3. ~15 min. to record eight Video responses to long form questions (no one wants to type an essay).


  • Less time interviewing

  • Validated proof of your ability in a way that those hiring understand and value.

  • Access to companies who know and respect our ability to identify top-tier talent.

Immediately after you take the Pre-screen Assessment you will get:
  • A pass-or-hold decision on whether or not it’s worth your time to proceed.

  • Your rating in 4-out-of-the-7 sales metrics that our clients look at, with details and resources about each.

  • An overview of your current OTE compensation compared to others of similar backgrounds.

Our Founder Dan Watkins was the Global VP of Sales at Qualtrics for 13 years. He has been the subject of Stanford and Harvard business case studies on how to develop and scale sales teams and has since helped companies all over the globe find and develop top sales talent in order to reach their revenue goals.

Developed by a CEO, CRO, and Founder
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